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437 species

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scarlet Tanager added!

Yesterday I headed for Shenandoah Nat. Park in hopes of finding bears and birds.  Along a hike, pishing and using my new "Universal Bird Caller" from Audobon, I came across some good birds.  Ovenbird and Hooded Warbler were among those that I encountered.  But as usual, I was after the year birds, those that would make a positive impact on my big year.  About 3/4 mile down the trail, I spotted a dark red bird in the deep woods.  Such an odd place to find a cardinal.  I photographed the bird, and yes it was a Scarlet Tanager male, a year bird, one that makes my year count up to 265!  I'm chugging on fast and strong towards 375!

I did encounter a bear yesterday which was awesome.

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