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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Grasshopper Sparrows

I was just a "non blogger" yesterday evening and didn't have it in me to post about yesterday's year bird.

I wrote a book about Black Bears in 2010 and it's being carried all across the country in National Parks (it's website is: the name of the book is "Oh No, Gertrude!".  I did a book reading at a local book store yesterday and did some birding at a local birding spot afterwards.  I've been told that Grasshopper Sparrows come here every year so I was on the lookout for them.

Not long into the walk, I heard the song of the Grasshopper Sparrow.  I count heard only birds, so I had Grasshopper Sparrow to had on to my list!  That's an exciting bird.  Soon I saw the bird, on a low-to-the ground branch as it sang.  It then flew to another branch, flew back to where I first saw it, and then dropped into the grass and out of view so I wonder if it's nest was in the grass there (?).  Later into the walk, I heard another GS.

Year count is 263 and running!

On another note, ARIZONA is now on the books for a trip this year!  It'll probably end up being early November that we go, that's the only time that it's really working out it seems with the other J. Big Year trips and other personal things.  That's not the best time in Arizona, but I'll "make it work" and I'll still get some great birds including different jays, thrashers, and raptors hopefully.  Super exciting and thanks to my wonderful mama and papa for making this trip possible!


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