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Saturday, April 23, 2011

A run to Maryland..Baltimore Oriole!

Last night I never got around to posting yesterday's sighting so I'll post it now.

My dad had to go to Hagerstown Maryland for a business trip, and I decided to come along because he said that we could do some birding on the trip as well.  And what a good decision that was, at the C&O Canal, (Cushwa Basin) in Williamsport Maryland the birds were all over the place!  I had six species of warblers but I had them all already this year.  I walked around for about 30 minutes, had a great encounter with a Muskrat, Rusty Blackbird pair was feeding in great view, but no year birds.  Then, there it was, up in the tippy top of a medium size tree, a mainly-orange bird that didn't look like an American Robin.  Getting the scope (binoculars were in the car, because they were not waterproof and it was raining) on the bird, I saw it bright and clear..Baltimore Oriole!  Year bird # 262.

On another note, I've upped my goal for total number of species by 25 bird species, now I'm shooting for 375!  This will be tougher especially with some news that I got last night about my Alaskan trip: Northern Wheatears, Arctic Warblers, and others will have left on their migration by the time I reach Denali National Park 10-15 August.  On the good side to the news that I got about the Alaskan trip, the birds along the coast, another one of my destinations in Alaska should be good at that time of year.  Also, the Gyrfalcons are easiest to see in Denali at that time of year, and that's awesome because Gyr is on the top of my most wanted list.   Plus of course the bears, moose, and all the other animals are so amazing that you just can't go wrong in Alaska!   It's going to be a great trip and a great journey for 375 birds.


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