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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Prothonotary Warbler added!

After kicking back and watching a movie at my house this morning, of course the task goes back to the big year and I check the listservs to see if any unusual birds have been sighted in the area.  Indeed!  In nearby city Charlottesville at a park called Riverview a birder reported seeing a Prothonotary Warbler.  As I'm 11 years of age I ask my mom if she can take me for the bird.  It just so happens that we had to be in Charlottesville today anyway, so I was in luck.  We headed off for the bird and I said to my mom I'm "all-Prothonotary minded right now"*-()*  Upon arrival at the park we looked at the birds..Yellow-throated Warbler, Common Yellowthroats, Blue-headed Vireo and others.  The Prothonotary had been seen in a remote section of the park so it took some walking to get to.  I get to the "swamp" that it was seen in and begin my search for the bird, as that would be a lifer for me.  I get some good birds including a Green Heron but no Prothonotary.  My search is full-focused spying every bird I hear or see.  Then an unusual song catches my attention and I track it to the bird.  Bingo -- there in the middle of the frame in the binoculars is a beautiful Prothonotary Warbler!  SUPER AWESOME bird, a lifer and year bird # 252!  It prompts celebration and I went for a smoothie out to cool off after searching hard in 75+ degree weather and to celebrate the bird.  Awesome.  Purely awesome.


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  1. oh what fun it was to be back at Riverview park in our old neighbourhood looking for a rare bird. Congratulations Gabriel. You were really, really patient as you looked for this little guy. Awesome find!