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Monday, April 25, 2011

Cerulean Warbler added!

Yesterday evening I went out with Vic Laubach for birding along the local Blue Ridge Parkway.  Vic is one of my followers on this blog and a great birder, as well as the one of the coordinators for the annual local fall Rockfish Gap Hawk Watch.

The previous day Vic had seen a mother bear with a cub along the parkway so we also went to look for them.  Believe it or not, the bears were up in a tree right where they were the day before!  That was a treat.

At one of the spots Vic said something like "hear that? that's a Cerulean".  Cerulean Warbler would have been a lifer for me so I was excited.  We tromped through the brush to look for the bird but all we found was Redstarts.  The day was already a success though -- a heard bird is a year bird!  # 264.  Later on at a different location, we heard another one calling and then my mom finally spotted it and we all got to see it and I got great looks.  Awesome bird!  Thanks so much Vic and thanks mom for spotting it!

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