Revised 2011 bird total:
437 species

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bank Swallow and Chimney Swift added!

Today I took a run over to a local pond in hopes of finding some good birds.  I hit the jackpot!

Upon my arrival, I searched through Tree, N. Rough-winged, and Barn Swallows in hopes of finding an unusual one.  Then, I spotted one that didn't fit in.  It had the brown back and wings, white underbelly and throat, and the dark neck collar!  Bank Swallow without a doubt, a lifer for me and year bird # 248!  Then, a few minutes later, several Chimney Swifts were circling above me!  Also a year bird.  So great to have spring arrivals getting me year birds.

Currently I'm at 249 for the year, next year bird gets me 100 away from my year's end goal!!!


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