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Monday, March 28, 2011

Ross's Goose update

The Ross's Goose I mentioned in Yesterday's report has not been reported seen today, but not been reported to have left either.  It has not been talked about on the listservs.  This afternoon has freed up for me so in an hour or so I'll be off to try for the bird.  A bit of a long-shot I guess because it could have left since it was last reported at 7 pm yesterday, but who knows.  When a lifer is on the board of possibilities just 45 minutes away it's a must go look!

The Violet-green Swallow has not been seen today either so I'm putting that as a possibility for the Junior Big Year out of the picture.  I can't get every bird that just stays around for a few hours.

I'm still at 239 for the year but hopefully that number will be 240 after the goose trip.


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