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Friday, March 4, 2011

Great Texas day

Little Gull lying down with it's other gull and tern friends

Another terrific day in Texas, we're now at Weslaco Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley at the Super 8 for Weslaco.  The birding was again impecible today with 8 more lifers in addition to 5 more year birds underway today.

My first life bird today was White-tipped Dove, in the parking lot of last night's motel in Rockport tx! 

Then antsy to get a rarity bird, we headed for Goose Island State Park in hopes of finding the Yellow-faced Grassquit.  After about 1 hour of searching with many other birders present, one of the birders said "there it is".  It flew, and although just only about a 2 seecond look, I thankfully did get the female YF Grassquit!

After the grassquit stop, we checked the nearby "Big Tree" where we saw Whooping Cranes yesterday, but no luck. 

Then we headed to Port Aransas for the 2 Little Gulls seen there.  After about 20 minutes, and when we thought we had been skunked, a different birder there excitedly waved us over from our car.  Scope viewing, photographing, etc...yup, the 2 small gulls there were indeed the Juvi. Littles!

Then we did a big drive with only a few stops, however we got another Ferruginous Hawk along the way to our destination: Weslaco Texas.  Once in the Weslaco area, we headed to nearby Estero Llano Grande State Park for a breif stop.  There I added 3 lifers:  Fulvous Whistling-Duck (3 birds sleeping), Plain Chalacala (flock of 3-4 birds), and Inca Dove (2 birds near the chalacalas).

Other lifers for the day were:

Bronzed Cowbird at Grassquit location
Green Jay at a Rest Area on Rte. 77

5 year birds were:

Northern Gannet over the water near our last night's hotel
Lincoln's Sparrow, 2 birds at grassquit locaiton
Ruddy Turnstone on beach at Mustang Island State Park
Common Goldeneye near Corpus Christi
Field Sparrow near Corpus Christi

What a birding paradise TX is!  Wow!

Until later,


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