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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kestrel Hovering Welcoming me to Dulles!

Now I'm in Wash. Dulles International Airport waiting for my next flight to San Antonio Texas, my final destination.

While landing from my 1st flight from Shenandoah Valley, Va in Dulles, an adult female American Kestrel was hovering right along the runway we were on!  That was super!  Also nearby was a Red-tailed Hawk hunting.

I arrive in San Antonio tonight after nightfall, sleep at a 3-star hotel, and in the morning head for the Goose Creek State Park/Aransas Nat. Wildlife Refuge area in hopes of finding Whooping Cranes, a Yellow-throated Grassquit reported in the area, and the non-bird Alligator.

That's it for now.

Until later,


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  1. Wow! a kestrel wishing you a joyous journey... how awesome! Have a great time looking for a bunch of new lifers as well as some old friends. Snap, Snap!