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437 species

Friday, December 16, 2011


The last half month of my Junior Big Year is all shaping up.  I'm hoping to chase 2 more certain birds before the year is over.

Originally my plan was to chase the Black-headed Gull  in Maryland early next week but a Hooded Crane has showed up in Tennessee.  I would love to chase that bird too.  I have been following John Vanderpoel's blog all year long who is doing a BIG Big Year and is actually trying to beat the all-time record of 745 species, set by Sandy Komito in 1998.  John is currently at 740 species and right now is on the remote Alaskan Island: Adak.  Best of luck on Adak John!  John's wonderful blog is:  I may actually be able to cross paths with John for the first time at the crane in Tennessee.  John's planning to chase it after he's done in Alaska, if the crane stays around.  My hope is to chase the crane and meet John there before Christmas, if the crane holds and John's going to be there.  If that's what happens, I'll plan to chase the Black-headed Gull in Maryland between Christmas and the end of the year, if the gull stays around.

This coming weekend, I'll be participating in 2 different Christmas Bird Counts for the local counties.

I'm excited about the last couple of weeks!

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