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Monday, December 19, 2011

Go north now!

The choice has become obvious.  John Vanderpoel is "stuck" on Adak Island, Alaska.  The clock is not only ticking on his Big Year, it is on mine too.  There's 2 birds that I really hope to chase before year's end, a Black-headed Gull to my north and a Hooded Crane to my south.  I want to meet up with John at the Hooded Crane.  But John is stuck in Alaska.  I can't wait for him to chase the crane before I chase any birds.  Heck, a Nutting's Flycatcher showed up in Arizona, John may chase that before he comes east for the crane.  I have to go get the gull.  In all likelyhood, I won't be missing John Vanderpoel because of that.

So tomorrow I'm heading to Maryland to chase the Black-headed Gull.  I can get that bird out of the way and then just focus on watching John's plans and chasing the crane when he does.  I'll post tomorrow night at my hotel in Maryland.

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