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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The grosbeak chase

I got up this morning in Harrington Delaware, positioned about 23 minutes away from Denton, Maryland where the Black-headed Grosbeak immature male has been visiting a feeder.

I arrived at the feeder at 10:15 am and luck would have it - the Black-headed Grosbeak was feeding right there when I arrived!  It stayed 3-5 minutes and then flew away.  We went to the car to get the camera but the grosbeak didn't show again soon.  Given that it only shows every approx. 2 hours it wasn't worth us staying.  We got the bird.  We got a great look.  That's what matters.  Another lifer and number 431 for my Junior Big Year!

On a side note, last night we created a life list for my non-birder mama and the BH Grosbeak was her number 295!  Go work on 300 mama.

The Maryland trip was a success.  I'm happy to be sitting at 431.  Let's grab a couple more before it's over.

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