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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

In 12 hours I'll be on a plane...

 This is it.  In 12 hours my dad and I will be on a plane with an itinerary to Tucson Arizona to rap up my Big Year with one last big trip and in all hopes and likelyhood put me over the 400 bird milestone.  This is it.  I can't believe it.

My itinerary (all on United Airlines):

Shenandoah Valley Virginia-Washington Dulles
Washington Dulles-Denver Colorado
Denver Colorado-Tucson Arizona

We'll be leaving the airport for several hours in Denver, getting a rental car and going to a local park known for American Dippers and hopefully add it as my number 379.  Gosh it will fell good to land in Arizona with 379, 21 birds is easy.

I will post tomorrow night in Arizona.

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  1. Hi,
    Let me know if you need any advice on where to find specific birds in/around Tucson. I probably wouldn't be able to join you and your dad since I'll be working, but let me know if you need anything while you're here! My email is Good luck!