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Monday, December 26, 2011

Heading to Cape May to end my Big Year

The plan for the end of my year has become obvious.  John Vanderpoel's pelagic trip out of NC has been delayed so he will not have time to come to Tennessee for the Hooded Crane after all.  This makes my choice even more clear: I'm headed to New Jersey, the state of my Snowy Owl, only in the totally other part of the state.  I'm headed to Cape May, a legendary bird watching locality.    This is a perfect place to end my Junior Big Year.  You never know what will show up there (heck, earlier this month they had a Bell's Vireo!)  If the 3 birds that are in that area now hold, the NJ trip could bring my year total to 434 and close it off with that.

Right now in Cape May there's a male Eurasian Wigeon that has been hanging around for quite some time.  About 30 minutes north of Cape May there's the Avalon Sea Watch that for the last several days has hosted Common and King Eiders.

I will be leaving Thursday for 2 nights, which will bring me home Saturday, the very last day of 2011.  I will plan to post each day - Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

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