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Friday, June 17, 2011

A good trade

In my previous post I talked about how I was going to go to Chincoteague for birding this weekend well, that's been canceled because of various things including that as I've done farther research and because my papa who's doing so much for my J. Big Year said that he could only promise one trip to Chincoteague this year, I'll probably get better birds this fall than now.  PLUS I wrote a book about Gertrude, a mother black bear who was relocated 60 miles from where she was getting into trouble 2 years ago and just now she has returned (what a walk!!) and by not going to Chincoteague now I get to go look for her this weekend instead!

This is a good trade, I get to go look for Gertrude and I get to go to Chincoteague this fall when the birds are better there!

And super exciting - I'm going to Ontario in just a few days where birding will be amazing for me!


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