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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Days eight, nine, and ten of Ontario trip - a nice rap up to Algonquin and it's on to the Stayner/Barrie area

The eighth day of the Ontario trip (June 27) I birded around Algonquin Park and the nearby area and had some great wildlife experiences but no year birds.  June 28 (yesterday), I birded and looked for animals on my way out of Algonquin park and just a few miles before I leaving the park, I spotted one of my remaining target Algonquin birds: Gray Jay.  That was a year bird and a nice surprise to find.  Today I spent time with family and made a TV appearance about my bear book in the Stayner/Barrie area of Ontario.

Right now I'm in great shape with my Junior Big Year.  I wanted at least 10 new year birds on the Ontario trip by the time I left Algonquin park I was in good shape and I left with 11.  Perfect.

Until later


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