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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day two of Ontario trip - first year birds underway

We're in Canada!  Canada!  Canada!  I'm here in Kingston Ontario with my aunt Joanne and uncle Kevin.
It's a great place.

Today on the way from Bimhangton New York to here we stopped in 2 places in hopes of bagging 2 year birds - Virginia Rail and Least Bittern.  I had heard of spots that we're good for them via eBird.  Our first stop was for Virginia Rail, along a certain road north of Syracuse.  We pulled along the road in a marshy habitat and my mom spotted an unusual bird flying in.  I examined it but it was more than obvious - it was the rail I was after.  We viewed it, then it landed in the marsh out of view and on we went.  It was one down, one to go.  Then we stopped at the Least Bittern spot, a beautiful vast marsh habitat.  After a little waiting it called and we heard it well.

All in all a very successful first day of year birds.  Tomorrow it's birding around Kingston and then it's on to further north in Ontario.

Until later.

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