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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day six of Ontario trip - the Mourning Warbler and northern mammals

Written at 8:50 pm on Saturday June 25.

A L G O N Q U I N!  A L G O N Q U I N!  Yes I'll say it again - A L G O N Q U I N!  Today I birded Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario for the first time and it's more than awesome.  Although I only added one year bird today, Mourning Warbler I talked to Peter Mills, Alex Mills' son (I'll be birding with Alex in southern Ontario in a couple of weeks) who works at the Visitor Centre for Algonquin today.  Peter is a really avid birder and gave me some extraordinary tips on where to find some of my Algonquin targets such as Olive-sided Flycatcher, Boreal Chickadee, Gray Jay, and Black-backed Woodpecker!  Thanks Peter!  Tomorrow I'm going on a bird walk that Peter's leading and hopefully I'll get a few year birds there.

It sure is nice to have Mourning out of the way, though.  Now there's one less bird on my target list for this trip which makes it one step easier to load up on all the birds I want this trip.

The best part of today though was not bird related.  It was the northern mammals.  I was lucky enough to be able to observe a cow and calf moose and a Pine Martin (that's Martin the mammal not Purple Martin the bird:)).  What great animals.

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