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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day four of Ontario trip - the northern sneakies

Wow - it's been another great day, lots of fun with a couple more year birds underway.  We left Kingston this morning and our destination was Killaloe where my mom's and now my friends, Mauranee and Kevin O'Conner live.  We didn't have many unusual birds along the way, nothing new for the year list anywhay but as we got close to Killaloe we hit the jackpot.  Along the road we spotted one of the birds I had hoped for in Algonquin Park this trip but a welcome surprise here, Spruce Grouse.  I haven't seen a sprucie for 2 years, when I saw several in Glacier National Park Montana.   That was great.  Then right as we were getting close to Mauranee and Kevin's I spotted a Black Bear crossing the road.  Bears are just wonderful.  Right as we arrived at Mauaranee and Kevin's Kevin showed me his bird list from his yard and I noticed Evening Grosbeak on it.  That was a bird I had really wanted on this trip but I thought the chances were none or next to none.  But he said they come around from time to time and I was hoping.  Within a few minutes guess what I spotted on Kevin's bird feeder?  A female and a male Evening Grosbeak!!! That's my first one ever - lifer!  Kevin took me out on his pontoon boat and I even got to drive it and we saw some Common Loons, beautiful scenery and what was really neat was an island full of dead trees that the Double-crested Cormorants feces killed and there were tons of cormorant nests on it and I even got to see a baby cormorant getting fed.

Just a great day.

Tomorrow it's on to Algonquin Park and we're going live trapping and radio collaring bears tomorrow with the experts which is an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity!

Until later

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