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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Time for an update

Now that the Eastern Shore trip is done it's time to look over my Big Year and talk about how it's going.

I added 4 new birds on the Eastern Shore trip plus Eared Grebe the day before I went to the shore.  How is this compared to what I hoped?  Right on track.  I had hoped for 375 after the trip (am at 374) however one bird is not anything to get concerned over.

My target for year's end is 400.  What are the chances?  Very likely!  Even if Arizona treats me on the low end of things I should make 400.

Is Arizona my only new supply of year birds?  basically but not totally.  The vagrant that I mentioned earlier in November is still around.  My mom and I hope to chase it this weekend.  No telling on what it is and where until later (once it's gone).  This is per the request of who discovered the bird.  I will hopefully add an additional vagrant or two as well in this area before year's end.

So that's it for now.  I will update if I get that one vagrant.  It would be number 375 which was my second goal.  Original goal was 350, I was doing great and mid-year I upped the goal to 375.  Once I got back from Alaska I was doing perfect so upped the goal to 400.

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