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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saw-whet Owls

Yesterday (uh, today at 1 am!) I gave a very quick update saying that last night I added Northern Saw-whet Owl as year bird number 369.  Here's the story.

Clair Mellinger and Charles Ziegenfus ("Zig") run a Saw-whet Owl banding station, about 1.25 hours to my north.  We went several times last year, it is amazing.  One night we were there last year Clair caught 13 owls.  Last night Clair and Zig caught 6 owls.  It is dad and I got to hold them and release them on the picnic tables.  So special BUT netted birds don't count for the list.  I asked Clair if I would be able to hear one or see a non-netted one.  He said likely for the first option but very unlikely for the second.  So we were hoping to hear one.  We listened and listened but no calling owl.  We released one on the picnic table and it flew up and away.  Over 10 minutes later my dad spotted a Saw-whet perched in the parking lot.  Whether this was the one we had released earlier is unknown but I say I can count that bird.  Clair said that he almost never sees that and he indeed agrees that it is countable.  Success!

So there's the story, NSWO is year bird 369.

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