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Monday, November 21, 2011

Day two of Eastern Shore trip - the best clap to end a great day

Written evening of November 19 2011.
Today I birded with the Augusta Bird Club at Chincoteague Virginia.  Allen Larner is leading a field trip for the ABC here at Chincoteague but it was a very small turnout.  Allen as leader, 2 others, my dad and I. Allen is a very knowledgeable birder.  He's found me several year birds of the course of the year and I'm mentioned him several times in my blog so it was so great to bird with him here.  We met the group at 8 am at the Visitor Center for Chincoteague.  We birded the whole day and found some good birds including well over 50 Red-throated Loons however no year birds until...the end.  Allen's group as well as the group from the Monticello Bird Club that we birded with yesterday met at Saxis Marsh, about a 30 minute drive from Chincoteague to listen for rails and look for Short-eared Owls.  My target was Clapper Rail as that would be a lifer!!  We arrived and one of the participants played their tape for the Clapper Rails and one responded!  Then two, and more.  It was soon a party of calling Clappers!!!  We ended up also hearing a Virginia Rail, a good bird and a year bird for Allen Larner but not a year bird for me.

Tomorrow the bird clubs go home and we'll do our own thing around here.  I don't expect to add any new birds but who knows..Sharp-tailed Sparrows of either species could happen with some luck!  On Monday on our return home we're going to make several stops and with a little good luck I'll hopefully advance to either 374 or even 375.

Right now I'm happy with 373!

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