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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gooseeight sure beats a gooseegg

After my dentist appointment in Fredricksburg Va I headed east on Rte. 3 today to try for a Greater White-fronted Goose being seeing off and on lately at several ponds.  I tried pond # 1.  Here there were a few Canada Geese, maybe 50-100 and some assorted ducks.  The highlight was 6 Bald Eagles.   There was also a harrier in the area.  No white-fronted goose though.  We tried pond # 2.  Here there were also 50-100 C Geese and some assorted waterfowl, but no target.  I tried the final stop.  Things looked more promising here.  There were Canada Geese.  Lots of Canada Geese, at least upwards of 300 and probably over 500.  I spent time walking along Rte. 3 and kept searching.  Then I spotted a goose without the black neck of a Canada  with an orange/pink bill and black on the belly walking among the Canadas!  Bingo!  There was my White-front.  Another lifer for me and 378 for the Junior Big Year, thus the title "gooseeight" (for three-seventy-EIGHT).

A week from today I head southwest.

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