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437 species

Friday, August 19, 2011

In the best shape possible

Here's an update on how I'm doing on my Junior Big Year:

P E R F E C T!  Before Alaska I would have said pretty good but not great.  I had got a few less year birds than hoped on the Ontario trip, and if Alaska and Arizona also were not great for year bird count I may not reach my goal of 375 at year's end but I thought I would.  In Alaska I got 38 year birds and my goal was 20-30 and my guess was 25.  Now I'm at 359 bird species for the year and 375 is going to be as easy as pie!  400 I would not say is my new "goal" (because if I don't get that I'm PERFECTLY HAPPY with just what I have now 359 given my original goal was 350) but it is a number that is my highest vision and that I'd work towards.  Anything between 375 and 400 is totally great with me though.

Tomorrow I make a 4 hour round trip to try and find a Swallow-tailed Kite that's been hanging around south of Lynchburg Virginia.  That would be a life raptor, super exciting bird number 360 for the year and raptors are undoubtly my favorite birds.


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  1. I'd say you are doing great as well. Isn't it wonderful working towards your highest vision feeling totally blessed with your achievement to date! Great birding KestrelSwan. Have fun as the sightings continue!!