Revised 2011 bird total:
437 species

Monday, August 8, 2011

Day ten of Alaska trip - 350!

Drum roll, drum roll, drum roll please!  Drum roll, drum roll!  Today I hit a major milestone for my big year - 350 species for the year!

I had heard of a Sabine's Gull hanging around near Homer so I went to look for it but the road was too rough we couldn't get to the location.  But near there I did spot an immature Northern Shrike - a year bird and a very exciting one, number 350!

Now that I've reached 350 it's time for an update on how I feel my Junior Big Year is going.  I say it couldn't be better!  I was right on track before I left for Alaska but needed things to keep clicking in order for me to get to 375, my goal at year's end as I was only at 321 species when I left for Alaska.  And boy oh boy - have things ever clicked!  My goal was 20-30 year birds for the whole trip I'm now at 29 year birds so far this trip, and I'm only half way through the trip!  Wow.  I WILL get 375 NO PROBLEM and will be pushing up on 400.


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