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Monday, October 31, 2011

Another Goshawk and planning Chincoteague

No, not a new year bird, but amazing to have 2 in a weekend and it was a year bird on Saturday.  While at the Rockfish Gap Hawk Watch yesterday afternoon another N. Goshawk flew by!  Perhaps I'll end up with more goshawks in VA than I would have at Waggoner's..they had none yesterday!

Also, while at the RGHW, Allen Larner was there and he's co-leading the Chincoteague field trip which I'll participate in the weekend before Thanksgiving.  I knew I could pick up Purple Sandpiper, and Great Cormorant but others I wasn't too sure about.  Allen assured me that I'd get Marbled and perhaps Hudsonian Godwit and a shot at Common Eider, and a very remote shot at King Eider.  He said there was at least a 50/50 chance at Nelson's Sparrow and since I seem to have good luck with sparrows I'm hopeful. Looking good!

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