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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day three of Alaska trip - OMG

Right now I'm at Cooper Landing Alaska, half way between Anchorage and Homer and we'll be spending the night here.

What an amazing day today - not only were the birds incredible, I got to see wild Dall Sheep, Moose, Black Bear, and orphaned/injured rehabilitated animals at the Alaska Wildlife Rehabilitation Center such as Bison, Musk Ox, Kodiak Bears, Caribou and more.

Today I got 4 of my chief Alaska targets.  First off as we were driving just out of Anchorage I spotted a swan and identified it as a Tundra.  One of my favorite birds but first one of the year.  A little ways past that I was parked in a roadside parking lot and found a woodpecker and identified it as an American Three-toed.  Year bird and one of my chief Alaska targets.  Then as we were driving I spotted some common gulls and then I spotted a tern - Arctic Tern!  and got some great looks.  What a special life bird!  Once we got to our waterside place at Cooper Landing I spotted a duck flying up river and put my binoculars on it.  Goldeneye!  Barrow's Goldeneye!  Life bird.

How amazing Alaska is treating me for birds!  I had hoped for 20-30 year birds during my whole 3 week trip and I already have an amazing 13 after 48 hours!  Current year count is 334.

What a great day.

Until later


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