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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ohio overview

So much for me posting on my trip.  The Super 8 Motel in northern Ohio where I stayed for my Ohio trip was a notch below most Super 8s, the bed was bouncy, no birding in the parking lot (concrete, that's it!), no public computer, noisy, to name the major things.

I'm now in Maysville Kentucky on my way home at a Super 8 that's a notch above most -- very nice.  It's 10 pm and I don't have time to give a major post about the Ohio trip but I'll give a quick overview and post in detail tomorrow.

Awesome.  Amazing.  Terrific.  Better than I thought.  These are the things to describe the trip.  I ended up with about 25 year birds including over 10 lifers.  I saw warblers thrushes vireos and so much else   Today i met up with chris hitt and dan (sorry dan  i cant remember youre last name  sanders i think?) and they told me about the garganey i had talked about in my previous posts  they had seen it and it turns out it is a wild bird  I was going back today, and it would take 4 extra hours to detour for the garganey.  I talked to my dad, and he said we could make the trip (THANKS papa, you're the best!) and I got the bird this evening without any difficulty.  Amazing bird, so beautiful and super special.  Thanks for letting me know Chris and Dan!

I will post more tomorrow and will talk about the trip in much greater detail and post photos.


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