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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Golden Eagle Release!

I didn't add any year birds today but none the less it was an excellent day birding!

I heard that there was a Golden Eagle release that was going to take place today (Feb. 16) at 1:00 Pm on the Blue Ridge Parkway at Harvey's Knob Overlook.  The Wildlife Center Of Virginia, a wildlife rehabilitation center got an adult Golden Eagle as a patient on Jan. 11.  The Golden Eagle was caught in a Coyote trap and admitted to the wildlife center.  Only 1 talon had to be removed, and luckily one that the bird did not need to survive.  So, eventually the Golden Eagle was ready to be released back into the wild.

The Wildlife Center made the release open to the public, my papa and I went and we observed the banding, measuring, and release of the bird.  I got to observe the bird for about 5-10 minutes after it's release as it happily soared the wild skies once again.  What an experience!

Tomorrow will be a "home day" so likely not tons on the birding front, but I will bird around home, so there may or man not be a post.  Friday and Saturday have extensive birding in the valley planned so hopefully I'll add a few year birds.


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  2. Gabriel, what an awesome gift it is to see a Golden Eagle released into the wild. Thank you for sharing that amazing experience with us all. Your blog is wonderful and I look forward to hearing more about all of your birding adventures. Have a wonderful and fun Junior Big Year!!